Week 1: Understanding chronic fatigue

Week 4: Healthy thinking, healthy self

Week 5: Balancing your activity patterns

Week 6: Maintaining your gains and staying well

Action Plan Review

Your action plan for last week was to:

  • Use the Activity Monitoring and Symptom Monitoring Records to help you understand your symptoms better.
  • Use the Goal Setting Worksheet to help you refine your goals using the ‘SMART’ goals approach.

How did you go? 

If you completed your action plan tasks, well done! We hope you found the goal setting exercise helpful. How did you go with the self-monitoring exercises? Take a moment to review your activity and symptom monitoring records. Were there any patterns in how your symptoms showed up? Did your symptoms appear to be linked to your activity levels, sleep or any other important factors? You may not notice any patterns yet, but it is important that you keep collecting this data.

If you didn’t get a chance to complete these tasks, we encourage you to go back and do so before taking on Week 3.